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Otten Machines from Gennep has been trading in machines with a preference for good aerial work platforms in the Limburg area for years. In addition, the range usually consists of various forklifts, sweepers, scrubbers, cranes, mini cranes, and other construction equipment. Next to our regular customers in the area, we regularly export to the rest of Europe and far beyond.


We have our own transport for the purchase and sale of our machines. Of course, for our customers we are able to provide transport around the world. We ensure that machines are secured safely and well, so that they are delivered to you in a proper condition. It is also possible that the transport is carried out in-house. We will help with loading in such a case. For example, a loading dock and forklift will be available for use. We always keep our customers informed about the progress of the transport, and we also take pictures of the machine(s) as soon as they are loaded.

We have RDW recognition and can arrange all necessary export documents and any insurance policies at our office.


We offer our customers the opportunity to lease machines. This is made possible through our partnership with DTC Lease and LEASIT.

In consultation with the customer, they can make a non-binding lease proposal >>

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Otten Machines Gennep
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